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Top 30 hottest free iPad apps in 2014 (2)

4. YouTube (universal)

Once the YouTube application most probably grew to become a target from the ongoing and progressively tiresome Apple/Google spat, there have been concerns Google wouldn't respond. Individuals switched to be unproven, because here's another bespoke, nicely designed Google-produced application for iOS. The interface is particularly updated for that iPad, and AirPlay allows you to definitely fire videos in an Apple TV.


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5. Bloomberg for iPad

Formerly boast a wrist watch-searing white-colored-and-orange-on-black colour plan which looked like being frequently hit inside the eyes, however Bloomberg is becoming an adult, discovered a palette (a subtler, serious 'things on black', typically), and contains subsequently become a more functional business news and stocks application.


6. iBooks (universal)

As you'd expect from Apple, the interface is polished and functional, with handy mix-device bookmark syncing, highlighting, as well as other display options. It is also a competent PDF readers, for the digital magazine collection. Going mind-to-mind with Kindle, iBooks is really a decent e-book readers, supported by the iBookstore


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