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Top 30 hottest free iPad apps in 2014 (5)

13. The Guardian Eyewitness

A showcase for engaging photography, The Protector Eyewitness supplies a daily, visual reflection of worldwide occasions. You obtain access to the newest 100 photos, which may be seen full-screen or having a caption and 'pro tip'. You may also save photos for your iPad or share them via email. After you save photos to your devices, you can also use Winx HD video converter to convert all the photos to slide show, you can goto to know more: "Making Movable Photo Picture Slideshow Video"

Guardian Evywitness

14. Kindle (universal)

Amazon's Kindle iPad application for reading through myriad books offered at the Kindle Store is a touch workmanlike, and does not match the coherence of iBooks (you purchase game titles in Safari and 'sync' purchases via Kindle). However, Kindle's acceptable for reading through, and also you get choices to optimise your experience (including the opportunity to get rid of the naff page-turn animation and amend the page background to some enjoyable sepia tone). By the way, you can also use kindle to view pictures and videos, if you want to know more about how to convert video to kindle, you can goto "How to convert Videos for Amazon Kindle"


15. Movies by Flixter (universal)

One for film buffs, Movies figures out where you are and tells you what's showing in your local cinemas – or you can pick a film and it'll tell you where and when it's on. The app is functionally identical on iPad and iPhone, but again the extra screen space improves the experience.


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