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Top 30 hottest free iPad apps in 2014 (7)

19. Cooliris (universal)

Long ago, Cooliris lived within browsers, converting online galleries into 3D walls of thumbnails you could zoom along. On the iPad, the concept seems more at home. It's of course a gimmick, but it's a great-looking and tactile one, and more fun than using the Photos app to rummage through your snaps. You can use winx hd video converter to make the pictures to slideshow and show to your friends. how to "Making Movable Photo Picture Slideshow Video"cooliris

20. eBay for iPad

Use eBay for iPad and you'll never touch eBay in a web browser again. It's fast and efficient, beautifully showcasing important details and images in its main results view. Gallery images can often be displayed almost at a full-screen size, which is particularly useful on an iPad with a Retina display. Speedy sorting options are also available.


21. Wikipanion for iPad

The Wikipedia website works fine in Safari for iPad, but devoted applications make moving the website simpler and faster. Wikipanion is a superb free application, having a sleek iOS 7-style design, a competent two-pane landscape view, and ideal book-marking and history access.


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