About AVCHD(Audio and Video Compression for High Definition)?

AVCHD (Audio and Video Compression for High Definition)can be a video format that is created for camcorder use. It utilizes a disc structure made for Blu-ray Disc standard compatibility, and advantages from native support among most Blu-ray players out there, such as the Ps3 (PS3) console. The format is related to other handheld video camcorder formats including HDV.


AVCHD can be a hi-def video format for camcorders. AVCHD symbolizes Advanced Video Codec, Hi-def and it is owned and managed by Sony and Panasonic. The following functions and features using AVCHD with regards to high-definition consumer level camcorders:







AVCHD has become the de-facto standard for high definition camcorders.

The Format

AVCHD is often a 'proprietary' standard so it isn't freely available. That being said, anyone can buy an entire copy with the specification for development purposes from Sony by enrolling to the AVCHD Certification program. The commonest entry to the format is incorporated in the following way:


Video stream (always H.264):

1440x1080 interlaced

1920x1080 interlaced

1920x1080 progressive

NTSC and PAL variations on the above

Dolby Digital stereo or 5.1 surround sound


An overview of the supported video resolutions and audio formats is found on the AVCHD Co-producers site. AVCHD files are stored that has a .MTS or .m2ts file extension, depending on the camera brand and whether you are copying into a Mac or PC. There isn't a difference within the belongings in the video files with the different extensions.


AVCHD can be a tapeless hd recording format. Rather than tape, 8cm DVD media was chosen for the recording medium for AVCHD content. Blu-ray Disc would've appeared like an increasingly logical choice considering the content that would be recorded to the format, even so the DVD format was chosen for reasons of costs. Users being required to use blank Blu-ray media will make the format less affordable and would take away a number of its charm in comparison with other rival formats. AVCHD content also can make use of SD and SDHC cards, as well as hard disk drives when the recorder supports it. Multimedia content is multiplexed together being an MPEG-2 Transport Stream. The format takes on its competitors by having features to AVCHD, for instance menu support that is certainly DVD-Video reminiscent, subtitles and slide shows. AVCHD video is recorded with all the MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 compression codec, exactly the same now used with most Blu-ray Disc. Dolby Digital (AC3) audio or uncompressed PCM audio is supported.


BDMV disc possess a Blu-ray like (and not exactly similar) structure, which has a BDMV plus a CERTIFICATE folder at its root. Transferring necessary . into a computer can be performed by connecting the camcorder itself to the computer via USB or FireWire, or whether it is stored over a SD card or DVD disc then they is also options.


AVCHD is quickly to become format associated with preference for piracy too. Street pirates have been located selling fake Blu-ray copies that have cases which are almost perfect looking, but for the disc is AVCHD content. What on earth is remarkable is to most viewers, differentiating from a source Blu-ray Disc copy, as well as a well-made AVCHD recording, seriously isn't easy (although it's possible when premium Blu-ray features are missing).


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