About BDAV?

The BDAV Container format will depend on the conventional MPEG-2 TS (transport stream,m2ts) Both Blue ray dvd player and HD DVD use transport streams, when compared with DVD's program streams, to store video, audio, and also other streams. This gives multiple video programs for being held in exactly the same file to allow them to be replayed simultaneously, giving an image-In-Picture (PIP) effect.


The BDAV disc format could be the consumer oriented alternative to the BDMV discs created by professional Authoring houses for movie releases. Although early Blu-ray players were released with Firmware allowing playback of non-encrypted content on BDMV discs, current Blu-ray specifications will result in which include being removed, and BDAV discs being really the only unencrypted Blu-ray format supported on players.


The BDAV container with extension .MTS or .m2ts is also utilised in AVCHD format, the high definition digital camcorder recorder format. AVCHD is really a simpler kind of the Blu-ray Disc standard with only one video encoding algorithm and also audio encodings. In comparison to Blu-ray Disc format, AVCHD are able to use various storage media, like DVD media, memory cards or hard disks. The BDAV container contains videos recorded using AVCHD camcorders, including Sony's HDR-SR(xx)series models. Canon,Panasonic along with brands of AVCHD camcorders also store recorded video in BDAV container format. There are several difficulty with AVCHD compatibility between brands.


BDAV principal purpose is partially to produce compatibility between AVCHD digital camcorders and Blu-ray players. It's comparable to the DVD formats used for standalone DVD recorders, DVD+VR and DVD-VR because it's designed primarily for authoring simple Video/Audio quite happy with no menus.

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