About DV(Digital Video)?

DV is short for Digital Video - video captured with a laptop coming from a digital tv camera. The two strategies to storing DV video data, that is certainly, type-1 and type-2. each is hold on sometimes in AVI files. Any DV hold on as type-1 is not in combination with VfW-based editors. Microsoft provides DV encoder and decoder filters for DirectShow solely, which enables it to not give support for encryption or cryptography DV video data for vfw.

DV Type-1 method
The native DV interleaved stream that's created and consumed in I/O having a DV device contains DV compressed video and pulse code modulated (PCM) audio data. This single interleaved stream are going to be hang on in an AVI file as "ivas" stream (for interleaved video/audio stream). Microsoft refers to the present format being a type-1 DV AVI file.
Considering that the type-1 format stores data together AVI stream, type-1 DV AVI files aren't appropriate for Veterans of Foreign Wars. DirectShow, however, simply handles type-1 data streams by routing the streams into a DV Splitter filter that creates a DV-encoded video stream and another or perhaps a wide range of PCM audio streams for playback or subsequent process.

DV Type-2 method
Interleaved DV data can be split up into one video stream and something to four audio streams inside an AVI file. Microsoft refers back to the present format of storing DV knowledge as type-2. This format has the benefit from being backward suitable for vfw, caused by it has customary|a regular|a regular|a customary} video stream along with a minimum of one standard audio stream. The kind of-2 file format needs atiny low volume of extra process to part ways and multiplex the DV stream during the entire functions of capture and transmit to IEEE 1394 DV devices.

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