About HDTV(High-Definition Television)?

Short for High-Definition Television, a brand new form of television that delivers significantly better resolution than current televisions in line with the NTSC standard. HDTV is usually a digital TV broadcasting format in which the broadcast transmits widescreen pictures to comprehend detail and quality than present in a typical analog television, or other digital television formats. HDTV is a form of Digital Television (DTV) broadcast, and is considered to be the highest quality DTV format available. Varieties of HDTV displays include direct-view, rear screen, plasma, and front screen projection. HDTV requires an HDTV tuner to look at and the most detailed HDTV format is 1080i


* HDTV Minimum Performance Attributes:


Receiver: Receives ATSC terrestrial digital transmissions and decodes all ATSC Table 3 video formats

Display Scanning Format: Has active vertical scanning lines of 720 progressive (720p), 1080 interlaced (1080i), or higher

Aspect Ratio: Able to of displaying a 16:9 image1

Audio: Receives and reproduces, and/or outputs Dolby Digital audio


HDTV broadcast systems are identified with three major parameters:


Frame size in pixels is understood to be volume of horizontal pixels × quantity of vertical pixels, for instance 1920 × 1080 or 1280 × 720. Usually the amount of horizontal pixels is implied from context which is omitted, like true of 720p and 1080p.


Scanning product is identified with the letter p for progressive scanning or i for interlaced scanning.


Frame minute rates are defined as amount of video fps.


For interlaced systems an alternate form of specifying quantity of fields per second is usually used.


If all three parameters are employed, they're specified by the following form: [frame size][scanning system][frame or field rate] or [frame size]/[frame or field rate][scanning system].[citation needed] Often, frame size or frame rate could be dropped if it is value is implied from context. In such cases the residual numeric parameter is specified first, as well as the scanning system.


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