About ISO?

ISO refers and also to a CD or DVD image (not picture..) file through an extension of ".iso". The extension comes from the total name with the CD-ROM and DVD-ROM filing system specification, ISO 9660. Just like other DVD /CD image formats, ISO is often a file which has full content of the disc, including every track, directory, file and information regarding the structure of the disc. Normally ISO files are increasingly being used to replicate existing DVD /CD discs, transfer those discs on the network with other location (or body else) and burn back to DVD /CD which in turn will be identical replica of the original disc.


The usage of ISO Image

* Replicate CD/DVD by by using DVD /CD mastering programs, namely, further create a DVD /CD disc therefrom;
* Write the disc image to hard disk drive once, and record identical more than once to DVD /CDs to save lots of processing time. Simply speaking, it is only essential to duplicate the DVD /CD once before creating DVDs from ISO file as many times as possible;
* Create a disc image file for being written to DVD /CD on another system (Macintosh,UNIX);
* Backup CD/DVD data . More actually, all data and contents can be copied in a way that ISO file may be taken as being a backup;
* Act as a virtual CD/DVD drive .ISO image file is usually mounted into a virtual drive as though a physical disc was loaded within the drive or treated as a regular Compact Disc in the computer while maintaining the main structure of DVD /CD, that's convenient for more DVD burning;
* Transfer CD/DVD images over the Internet.


ISO Image

ISO image, or called an ISO file, would be the image of a complete CD or DVD, the complete belongings in that is completely duplicated and from an individual ISO file. ISO image is definitely an image file created by copying all information in the optical disc. Therefore, ISO image is qualified for being the real digital copy from the original. It normally has folders extension of .iso and might include a UDF (IEC 13346/ISO) file system. It's possible to create ISO image from optical disk, or further create optical disc

Under Windows OS ,

* ISO image file can be read by: WinRAR, WinMount, WinRAR3.0 or above
* ISO image file can be operated only by: WinISO, WinImage, Daemon Tools, Alcohol 120%, and WinMount, etc.

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