About SVCD(Super Video CD)?

SVCD represents Super Video CD (called also SuperVCD). This is a new CD standard (actually it can be currently undergoing official standardization process) developed in 1998 by Chinese electronic devices manufacturers (Sony, Philips, Matsushita and JVC).


As a DVD player might include provisions many different VCD, SVCD, and DVD horizontal resolutions (352, 480, or 720) and only one analog low pass filter is provided, 2 out from the 3 formats are affected aliasing when presented on the watch's screen. Usually, the most effective resolution - DVD 720 - dictates filter design, with SVCD display suffering from "fold-over". While displays should follow correct theory, the objectionable aliasing artifacts that result are generally buried in noise from other sources, including camera, quantization, and MPEG artifacts.


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