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Backup DVD to Exterior Hard Disk

1 Months ago, we did a survey. Some of our customers gave us many feedbacks about the products. Many users send emails to us. In the emails, they share why they need copy Dvd disks to exterior computer hard disk using WinX DVD Ripper Platinum:

- I'm ripping my Dvd disks into mp4 and storing them with an exterior drive. I've got a ripper tools that connects to my high-definition multimedia interface port that enables me to plug the drive in and take part in the files.

- I plan to backup our DVD's and videos for an exterior hard disk with regards to creating my very own "Video when needed", where I'm able to search through our movies with my computer before choosing a film to look at.

- I am attempting to rip my entire assortment of nearly 1800 Dvd disks to hard disk to become blocked into my wise TV. I additionally is going to be watching movies on my small android and laptop too. The standard from the video leaves just a little to become preferred in comparison to Handbrake.


So individuals are transforming DVD to thumb drive or hard disk externally to produce video when needed, to produce a DVD collection, to experience DVD on the plane while travelling, playback Dvd disks on wise TV/Apple TV, apple iphone, iPad, Android mobile phones/pills, or laptops, while saving just computer hard disk?


How you can Rip DVD to Exterior Hard (Thumb) Drive?


Ripping DVD for an exterior hard disk, hard drive (Hard disk drive) or thumb drive is very easy for those who have downloaded and installed WinX DVD Ripper Platinum. Have no this ripper? Download it Now!


You might be confused on how to choose an output format since there's no direct profile(s) named "Hard Disk" or "Thumb Drive". Indeed, you've got a large number of options only based on what your own personal purpose of utilizing the output video file.

1. Rip DVD to Device/Web Video: convert DVD to mobile/web videos, make Dvd disks playable around the Apple/Android/Microsoft/The new sony/other portable products in mobile way, or suitable for YouTube, Facebook, general webs, etc.

2. Convert DVD to PC/Mac General Video: varied options, different video formats for various reasons and acceptances, convert DVD to AVI, MP4, MOV, Wmv file, MPEG, etc with more compact quality

3. Backup DVD to ISO image/MPEG2/DVD folder: fast speed, original DVD quality and structure, large quality, convenient for future DVD burning


We advise selecting MP4 because the output format when ripping DVD to exterior drive/thumb drive with comparatively well maintained video quality, small quality and wide uses.


Guide of Putting DVD to Thumb Drive Using WinX DVD Ripper Platinum

Step One: Double click to create WinX DVD Ripper Platinum running.

Step Two: Place a DVD disk and cargo the DVD content by clicking DVD Disc button. Otherwise you can pick ISO image or Folder button for those who have such file or folder around the internal hard disk from the Home windows PC.

Step Three: Choose output format. For instance, you're recommended to select PC General Video -> MP4 Video (MPEG4) for putting DVD for an exterior drive. Alternatively, to at least one:1 copy DVD to hard disk, please choose "DVD Backup" button.

Step Four: Choose where you need to keep converted video by clicking "Browse" button.

Step Five: Click "RUN" button and hold back until the mission is finished. You are able to let it rest running without anyone's knowledge.

Step Six: Discover the output video file. Plug your exterior hard disk in to the port of the computer, and duplicateOrtransfer the recording file towards the drive.


WinX DVD Ripper Platinum is even just in full support of ripping copy-protected Dvd disks and latest commercial Dvd disks. It offers 100s of profiles and formats to satisfy different needs of customers.


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