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Rip DVD to iPod in Windows
You might think that those Mac users get all the good luck with the iPod and being able to burn or copy DVD's to the iPod to watch. However, us Windows users (mac'rs quit laughing!) can now do the same thing!

There are a few steps to accom plish ripping and burning a DVD to an iPod for a Windows user, so I am not going to go into detail about each program you need, but point you in the right direction.

Disclaimer: It is unlawful to copy or burn DVD's that you don't own to your iPod.

Get a good Ripper

You will need to get a good DVD ripping program to use. Visit www.wei-soft.com . You can download and use the DVD Ripper.

Both of these should be fairly self explanatory or check the help files with them. You can use wei-soft.com 's DVD Ripper software to convert DVD to any kind of video format into your harddisk.

That's it! Very easy and friendly user guide for wei-soft.com 's DVD decrepter software.

It is relatively simple to accomplish, just a few steps and a little time to convert your DVD over to an iPod/IPAD/IPHONE/any kind of smartphone or PAD friendly download. Hope you enjoy!

You can find the some Vide or a iPod/ipad/Iphone Converter from our DVD Ripper Ultra
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