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Covert DVD “Inside Combat Rescue” to AVI

inside combat rescue

Overview of “Inside Combat Rescue”

An elite Combat Rescue team of the US Air Force, rescue wounded American or Allied forces in lethal danger. Pararescuemen, or PJs, return to the front lines of Afghanistan and East Europe for Operation Enduring Freedom and is seen through the eyes of those on the ground and in the air.


Some Reviews from USA young people

Whenever we raise our right hands, and speak the oath, it's for existence. Special isn't an sufficient word to explain this series. Fmr. USA, Meddac, and each second of the series had me bound and taken by visions of my very own encounters. As you PJ place it,Inch I actually do my job, knowing my existence may be the one out of need".....never rang more true. Regardless of your individual undertake this ungodly war, keep in mind it is not in regards to a war. It comes down to the players! Always remember them. They'll always remember you.

Great show, though I must admit my rating is a touch biased since i keep up with the very wild birds the thing is about this series. Its awesome to determine our effort for action, like a ground guy, we dont really see all this, only the aftermath by means of a bloody and damaged helicopter. To determine this stuff for action is amazing.

Spectacular footage! Spectacular Males/Women......I'm thinking there should have been some extreme limitations while attempting to film this show. It Was A Really EYE OPENING documentary of some amazing people. I'm able to appreciate why their "tours" are 4-6 several weeks!! They have to come with an incredible "burn upInchprice.Say thanks to you NetFlix to make this Doc available.This Ought To Be ON EVERY 6 o clock news show in the united states!!!

I did not spot the title from the editor. but wow. Mister you shouldnever edit anything over a children's birthday celebration video.You'd everything to utilize, which is exactly what you place out?To Netflix audiences who haven't seen this. Please see it!These Males are Heroes. Every single one of these.Idunno why they went all History funnel documentary on thisone. e.g. ICE ROAD Truck drivers. it does not require it. These males are, every one of these, in the Apple guy to theNoobs. Everybody is my Hero.

I understand that what this documentary demonstrated is definately not exactly what the soldiers do everyday. After watching this show, I've a lot more thanks to all of our armed males and ladies. I'm not sure anybody personally that's presently serving but me was beating every time they competed in order to save one. I can not even imagine what their own families are dealing with. I pray that God watches over these and could all of them go back home securely for their families.


Rip Inside Combat Rescue to popular Portable Devices

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