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Covert DVD “Pretty Little Liars” to AVI

Pretty Little Liars

Overview of “Pretty Little Liars”

Rudderless without their missing leader, four formerly tight high school friends band together when a blackmailer threatens to spill their dirt.

Creator I. Marlene King


TroianBellisario Ashley Benson Lucy Hale Sasha Pieterse Laura Leighton Shay Mitchell Ian Harding Holly Marie Combs Chad Lowe Janel Parrish


This is a film need Parents strongly cautioned. May be unsuitable for children ages 14 and under.

Some people like it, some people don’t. Here are some of their reviews:

1. This show is far deeper than I assumed it would be. Season five would be awesome to watch. Even with my job and college classes I find time to watch Pretty Little Liars to uncover the identity of A.

2. This is my favorite show in the world I've seen every episode and i can't wait till next tuesday.

3. There is only one word for this show... AWESOME!! I love it! I can't wait for season 5. I haven't gotten any answers for all of my questions in the last seasons so I am still waiting for some explanation. I hope season 5 have a lot of answers.

4. I reaaalllyyy like this show!! You know what they say ... "It's A crazy world out there"! That's why i like this show it's so dramatic and hectic and eventful with twists and turns... If only Netflix had more new episodes that are the ones that have lately aired...

5. This is by far the best show ever! Its super entertaining and suspenseful. Its a show that everybody NEEDS to watch.

6. This series is by far my favorite, and I thought The Walking Dead was good. I can't stop watching it, I stay up all night, almost every night watching PLL. My parents say I'm addicted to it. My friends think I'm obsessed. I think I'm in love, And if you haven't seen this show, or if you saw it and didn't love it, you belong in Radley. Just kidding, but it's a great show, I really do love it. I recommend watching it. Just a tip, start from the beginning, and watch the episodes in order. I promise it will ruin and spoil so much if you don't. Also I know season 5 probably won't be on Netflix until season six starts, but maybe just for all the addicted and obsessed fans like me, it could come out sooner? PLEASE??! Hope this was helpful, and that you've found your new fave series.


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