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Crack DVD Odd Thomas to your portable devices



In a California desert town, a short-order cook with clairvoyant abilities encounters a mysterious man with a link to dark, threatening forces.


Movie Details


Stephen Sommers

Cast Anton Yelchin Addison Timlin Willem Dafoe GuguMbatha-Raw Shuler Hensley Leonor Varela NicoTortorella Patton Oswalt Melissa Ordway Kyle McKeever


Why so many people like the movie, see what they said about the movie:

1.This movie would be a complete unpredicted GOOD surprise. It is a cool movie in regards to a cool guy who uses his capabilities to determine the dead to resolve cases. I am surprised this movie did not make any waves within the entertainment world, because it requires a refreshing brake from vampires of the underworld and miracle, yet continues to be a supernatural movie. It is a movie that's attractive to men and and women, because despite all of the fighting, bloodstream and murder there's still a romance story to anticipate. The finish surprised me since i have haven't browse the books, however i wasn't disappointed. Hopefully there's a follow up or perhaps a series developed for this concept. Five stars, and worth visiting, is my final opinion concerning the movie.

2.It is a simple good versus bad movie. It isn't an origin story, that is a huge plus. Origin tales is simply a lazy authors trope. (basically used the term right) The hero is "odd" but he isn't awkward or pathetic. Plus it's NR therefore it is not full of idiot pop references. It is a simple movie, but good.

3.Like a Dean Koontz fan, this movie really was good. It really follows it great and didn't lose out on the particulars like many of the books to movies do. For those who have read the Odd Thomas tales you'll such as this movie. Otherwise, it might appear a little confusing but my loved ones still loved it.

4.I didn't realize that this took it's origin from a magazine series. I love supernatural movies. I cried a lot in the finish. Their love brought to mind my parents love. I really hope they create more moves in the book since i am offered. Odd Thomas must keep busy so time will go faster so he's together with his love again. Great movie!

5.It was an enjoyable little indie movie which had some laughs and -- remarkably -- a couple of good scares. I almost wish they'd turn this right into a Tv show, since it left me wanting more.


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