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Have you seen LOL? Do you want to copy LOL to your PC?



Lola and her friends struggle to elude their bewildered parents, pull off daring hookups and sow some wild oats in this coming-of-age comedy.


Lisa Azuelos


Miley Cyrus Demi Moore Ashley Greene Douglas Booth Thomas Jane Jay Hernandez Marlo Thomas Nora Dunn Gina Gershon Fisher Stevens Austin Nichols Adam G. Sevani George Finn Ashley Hinshaw


People’s review about the movie, it’s really an amazing movie, just see people how to say:

1.I myself being a teenager reallllllly enjoyed this movie. I loved Lola and Kyle, and I think all the supporting actors and actresses did a strong job. I learned from this movie really some things about parents and that whatever you do really may not end up seeming so bad to them as you think. They were teenagers once too.

2.This movie was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i thought that this film was very relatble to most teens. eve though Miley Cyrus's music career has tken a bad turn imost people's eyes, tis folm was very good. i have probaly watched it 5 times now today. it's that good. thisisdeffentily a must see movie. oh, and don;t listen to the haters out there that say this movie sucks because MIley is in it. Haters are gonna be haters. again THIS MOVIE ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

3.Definitely my favorite movie on Netflix. I just cant stop watching it. I love all the love and romance in it. It makes me want to have love like Lola and Kyle's. It is a five star movie! I see no negativity in this movie at all. Go Miley!

4.This movie is so relatable to any teenage girl. Miley is great and it is most definitely worth the watch! don't listen to the negative comments!

5.This is a great movie it shows the struggles of love and parenting. Going from the wrong guy to the one that is entirely right for you. That women can be strong not weak like many movies depict. That sometimes you just have to let your kids follow their dreams because they might actually be talented. That not all guys are the same and there are plenty of fish in the sea. Also that whether you like it or not your kids will make mistakes and they will grow up. Ultimately we can only do the best for our lives, the kids' lives and hope that everything turns out alright.


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