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The Breaking Bad Series Overview

A high school chemistry teacher dying of cancer teams with a former student to manufacture and sell crystal meth to secure his family's future.


Show Details


Vince Gilligan


Bryan Cranston Anna Gunn Aaron Paul Dean Norris Betsy Brandt R.J. Mitte Bob Odenkirk Steven Michael Quezada Jonathan Banks Giancarlo Esposito

Season1 Identified with terminal cancer, a higher school teacher attempts to secure his family's financial future by creating and disbursing very meth.

Season2 Teacher switched meth dealer Walter increases greater within the drug game, which attracts attention from competing cartels and imperils his DEA brother-in-law.

Season3 The prior season left Walter Whitened on unstable ground. But with regard to his family, he continues cooking very meth around the lower-low.

Season4 Emmy champion Bryan Cranston returns as chemistry teacher switched meth maker Walter Whitened, who's now eager to outsmart drug the almighty Gus Fring.

Season5 Within the final season, being bad is no more an action as Walt's volitile manner leads him to the peak of the drug empire, jeopardizing everything and everybody.


See People’s review about the serials:

“The rest of the shows I watch, like Dexter, Prison Break and also the Walking Dead, are simply decent compared to Breaking Bad. There are viewed BB yet, you'll still haven't experienced what it really seems like to look at and relish the perfect Tv show. Sometimes If only I possibly could your investment entire story simply to see it once again.This is actually the best show I've ever viewed, finish of story. 5/5 Undoubtedly.” William P

“I'd rather not over-hype this show so I'll just say this: Breaking Bad may be the finest thing of beauty in most in history. Much better than every other Television show, much better than any film, any novel, a piece of content of music -- anything. Every facet of this show is completely perfect -- the acting, the cinematography, the dialog, the soundtrack. Besides TV not have any much better than this, existence doesn't get much better than watching this show the very first time. The show never disappoints, right until the credits roll around the series finale, the show just will get better. His performance within this show singlehandedly cements Bryan Cranston because the finest actor that has ever resided and can ever live. This show alone cements Vince Gilligan as an up to date filmmaker available online for using the Coen Siblings, Tarantino, Scorsese, Coppola, PT Anderson, Nolan, Fincher, etc.This show comes with it's disadvantages. If this involves an finish it'll leave a void inside your existence that should never be filled. And it'll ruin other television, and perhaps film for you personally. It will require some time that you should get the bits of your existence and have the ability to accept you won't ever witness anything as thrillingly satisfying as Breaking Bad again. But it is worthwhile!”--- Mark W

“Breaking Bad exceeds the hype, it is probably the best Tv show I have seen. Featuring two finest performances I've ever seen by Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, also brilliant performances by Anna Gunn, R.J. Mitte, Dean Norris, Betsy Brandt, Bob Odenkik, ect. Additionally, it features the very best character development I've ever observed in a filmOrsequence. Watch Walter Whitened a nerdy chemist family guy transform in to the worldwide meth kingpin and make his $100,000,000 empire.” ---John L

“I personally don't like to become redundant among the many other 5/5 rankings but I must state that this really is television drama at its finest. What sets Breaking Bad aside from all of the relaxation is its skilled method of making the silliest of premises realistic...simple to use to suspend dis-belief as you're watching Wally get saved 'just within the nick of time' on several occasion. Furthermore, the development values are perfect and also the cinematography is treated as art, a most rarified factor to behold on television. As others have mentioned, the worst factor bout this show is it leaves other Tv show searching pale in comparison.”--- Peter P.

“An ideal show, it offers a superior an excellent perspective on the other hand of products, you watch each one of these cop shows, and also you sometimes question, do you know the "bad man's" story? How did they arrive here? Maybe it was for any reason? this show is excellent, anything with Bryan Cranston like a primary character can make good seem like nothing, they completely go outrageous in greatness.” --- Jack W.


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