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the forger


Joshua, a teenager with a drugged-out mother on the run, wanders into the affluent community of Carmel, California. After getting himself into trouble, the authorities try to track down his mother. But in the meantime, a successful artist/businessman offers to take in Joshua and let him have a chance at a good life. His motives are questionable considering his line of business and how he plans to use Joshua's artistic talents, but Joshua has met a girl and he's not sure if the money is worth selling off his morals.


Lawrence Roeck


Josh Hutcherson Hayden Panettiere Lauren Bacall Alfred Molina Tricia Helfer Dina Eastwood Adam Godley Scott Eastwood Billy Boyd


Movie Reviews:

1.This wasn't whatsoever things i expected. However, it blew my thoughts, also it was terrific. I suggest everybody should watch this. You will be pleased.

2.In the beginning I figured this movie would be boring, due to the fact I understand practically nothing about art. However, this movie was amazing!

3.Allow me to get things straight. We don't know how hard it's to create a script. The company directors and casts tried their bests, the same is true the script author. Individuals that do not appreciate are the type that haven't enter the yet. Writing a film script to production is not easy. Creating an audio lesson and marketing the album the general public to pay attention is not easy. Anything worth doing is difficult. As lengthy as it is not yours doing, just appreciate and applaud for that wonderful jobs. Good movie!

4.This isn't an action film, but it's not slow as the second author stated. Since the depth from the movie is not investigated, it's much more about the redemption of the lost boy, it had been a little short. It's a family type movie, not lifetime, a lot more like Hallmark. The acting and depth of character was like what Hallmark movie, that we love for your loved ones. No sex,no foulness (which i remember) Only a short feel great flick. You need to see it within the light of the items type of film it's. If you're a fan of the sort, you'll enjoy it.

5.So. Many, apparently, think this is some kind of terrible film. I'm not saying it's Oscar-worthy, but know this: if you have any sensitivity about you at all ..trust that you'll enjoy it. That is all. :-)


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