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Overview of United States of Tara

A woman struggles to find a balance between her dissociative identity disorder and raising a dysfunctional family.


Diablo Cody


Toni Collette John Corbett Rosemarie DeWitt Keir Gilchrist Brie Larson Patton Oswalt Eddie Izzard Michael J. Willett Nathan Corddry


Audience Reviews:

1.love this show. It's well crafted and well carried out. If only there have been more tv shows done in addition to that one. Dark, funny, and cool in most the best ways.

2.I do not watch television shows however when I actually do it certainly is the great ones! I viewed all climates and seasons consecutive. However the first season was the complete hooker. It drawn me along with it's dark quirkiness and there is little no comedy. (throughout the very first season) whenever a joke or two was tossed inside everybody was blank faced about this. I loved it! I believe Marsh been with them pretty rough from the relaxation from the family. At first it had been apparent there is something happening about Tara mistreating her boy cheap she was trying to not believe that her boy is gay. Marsh wasn't only physically mistreated but he seemed to be psychologically mistreated and that i just felt so harmful to him! Anyway the show is amazing and that i even experienced my cousin totally hooked on it! It warrants a five star! Loved the ending song btw. Got me into my feelings.

3.I'm a multiple. I really like this since it is very accurate, so far as I am concerned. I really hope there's more for this series. I really like the way in which have the ability to been described as near to true and never some murderous type such as the earlier movies.

4.I delay watching this for any couple of several weeks. But when I began watching it' thought it was difficult to stop. The shows are just 1/2 hour lengthy. Each episode is actually interesting, funny and overall entertaining. Toni Collette was absolutely brilliant within this role. I never seen her within the lead in almost any movie or show since Muriel's Wedding sometime ago. I understood then things i know now... she will carry any role handed to her. I completely loved the whole series. I would suggest it to anybody, regardless of what genre you are looking at. Every actor/actress in the household gave excellent performances.

5.The acting by Toni Collette as Tara was compelling. There's not lots of stars available nobody "act" by altering their body gestures, facial expressions, words. Toni did within this show also it was difficult to take my eyes off her sometimes. I believe the series did a great job of representing what severe mental illness gives a household - towards the spouse, the children, the buddies, the brothers and sisters, etc. Everybody is affected which show did an incredible job with this. Me ached for that boy, battling to locate their own identity like a gay teen, yet needing to cope with such drama and stress and misery in your own home. The daughter worked by using it by rebelling the sister refused the illness was real in the beginning the husband attempted to produce because an ordinary existence for his family as you possibly can, and also the love he felt for his wife, regardless of all of the discomfort she triggered, was admirable. I felt it had been quite realistic, heartbreaking, funny, and tragic.


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