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Top 30 hottest free iPad apps in 2014 (10)

28. Epicurious (universal)

Hundreds of 1000's of quality recipes at the tips of the fingers (as lengthy as you've an internet connection) ensure Epicurious may be worth a download for that culinary-inclined. The application even composes a grocery list for quality recipes it is simply a pity it does not include dimensions for individuals people using that new-fangled metric system. You can save EPicurious photos and convert all pictures to slideshow and make a recipes, you can refer to below link: "Making Movable Photo Picture Slideshow Video"


29. Speedtest X HD (universal)

Truth be told, we're always a touch suspicious of apps that claim to test your connection speed, but Speedtest X HD seems to do a decent job. It's also handy to have installed for when your broadband goes all flaky and you need to record the figures for a subsequent moan at your ISP.

speed test

30. WordPress (universal)

This official WordPress application includes a status to be a little cumbersome, but it is acceptable for authoring the odd blog publish on the run, together with making quick edits to existing content and controlling comments. Additionally, it offers both text-based and visual methods to crafting posts, so you are not tied to HTML.

word press


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