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Top 30 hottest free iPad apps in 2014 (9)

25. Explore Flickr (universal)

Explore Flickr offers an engaging method to uncover new photography. On launch, your iPad screen fills having a power grid of pictures, attracted fromFlickr.com's top daily images. Tap someone to view (and, if privileges permit, download for your device), or simply leave the application lazily upgrading (from time to time, a thumbnail spins to show a brand new image) while your iPad charges in the pier. You can save Flickr photos and convert all pictures to slideshow, you can refer to below link:"Making Movable Photo Picture Slideshow Video"


26. BBC News (universal)

Even though the BBC News website works nicely around the iPad, BBC News continues to be worth installing. Instead of attempting to provide all the news, it rather focuses on the most recent tales, with inline video. Groups could be changed, tales could be shared and also the app's layout changes to portrait and landscape orientations.

BBC News

27. Rj Voyager

One for budding iPad DJs, Rj Voyager allows you to decide on from an array of bundled up tracks, turn parts off and on and edit parameters in tangible-time with an intuitive, advanced interface. Play through earphones or perhaps a decent audio system and it makes sense infectious.

rj voyager

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