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51 Review by Tim B

As a video fans, I find winx dvd ripper invaluable. It allows me to converter all my dvds. It plays nice with all kinds of dvds I have found.


52 review by Ira Z

I can't be more pleased with my rip experience. It's done exactly what I've asked it to do, day after day, week after week. I've recommended it widely to friends, because it works.


53 Review by Archie A

This is a Great product. Easy and quick to set up et also very reliable. I am using it every day... And I am fully happy with it.


54 Review by Don R

There is no question in my mind after lots of ripping dvd that the product more than pays for itself several times over. The amazing ripping speed.


55 Review by Aubrey O

Love this program. Extremely easy to set-up and use. The few set-up enquiries I had were answered fully.


56 Review by Gerry O

Winx video product has made my life much easier. I have finally been able reliably to copy all my dvds to my pc and ipad - a generally very pleasant experience for an ex-pat.


57 Review by Glauco M

After nearly half year of use I am quite satisfied of your product.Things have improved substantially since early times, in particular for reliability and speed.


58 Review by Rick R

Winx dvd converter has changed the way we use the DVDs and videos. It has opened up avenues of functionality long thought out of reach. I fully recommend it as my most indispensible piece of software!


59 Review by Nicholas H

It's amazingly cheap, deal with it.


60 review by Duncan L

A really solid product - one of the very few products that when I pay it I think 'Ok, that was actually worth every penny'. Good simple interface for the end user, works every time, no hidden limits, charges, or limitations. Really good stuff.

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