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81 Review by Amir C

I am just an average user for more than a year. I have been impressed by the latest improvements. Good Luck.


82 review by Petros V

I am very happy with the support product.


83 Review by Sue K

I have recommended weisoft limited to so many people, due to its reliability,efficiency,and customer product this is an easy product to use, and the price is incredible, thank you so much, keep up the good work :-)


84 Review by Mette E

I have been happy to use Winx dvd converter for about 1½year now. My over all experience is good, and it does exactly what I need - Thank you.


85 Review by Gary C

We have used Winx dvd converter for almost a year now and have recommended this product to several of our friends, who are also pleased with the product and level of support provided.


86 Review by Mark G

Good product, reliability speeds and connection.


87 Review by Darko K

I love you're frequent software software updates and improvements. Would like to see a function that automatically.


88 Review by Matt W

I use this program a lot and I like it.


89 Review by John B

I have had a couple of ripping problems. One is that that from time to time I am unable to crack some new disk and the other is that from time to time being crashed. But Winx dvd converter is awesome.


90 review by Tom S

Winx dvd converter is the best product I have found for the price.

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