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61 Review by Louise M

I bought Winx dvd converter as I could not backup my dvd use windows program. Using winx dvd ripper has allowed this and I couldn't be happier. All in all a great experience.


62 review by Ilya M

ive never used any dvd convert program before, and when ive started with Winx dvd converter half year ago. Winx dvd converter gives nice selection of config. Winx dvd converter is a great product for fair price.


63 Review by Anthony S

After almost 1 year the product has proven reliable and fast. My hundreds of dvd connection backup to my harddisk. I would highly recommend the product to anyone.


64 Review by Steffen S

Overall a great great product. The only little improvement I would suggest is regarding the way the up-dates are handled. Whenever there is a new version available, the software announces it and invites to download the latest version. However, the new version then needs to be installed manually, a process I tend not to do. Some software programs up-date themselves automatically and without the need to close the program and install the latest version manually. It's not a big deal though - generally I extremely happy with the way things are!!


65 Review by Jarrad P

Winx dvd converter is an affordable, easy to backup dvd that effectively keeps your collections safely.


66 Review by Chris V

I like the product. Well done.


67 Review by Anonymous A

Except for noise occasionally suffering slightly, the main program works perfectly.


68 Review by Aaron L

Easy, fast and stable. Why is Winx dvd converter not more popular?


69 Review by Craig C

Winx dvd converter is one of the most vauled and trusted product I use. Winx dvd converter gives me more choice to backup and manage all my videos.


70 review by Adam M

wei-soft.com's product is by far the best video convert products I have ever used! Buy Winx dvd converter Pro today, you won't regret it!

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