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71 Review by John C

A fantastic product that winx dvd ripper!! From those who think it's cool to Upset the dysney. What can I say? From a fantasic bunch of people who know their stuff.Absolutely fantastic,


72 review by Peter S

I thought I would use Winx dvd converter more than I do when I'm away from the UK. I bought many dvds oversea. I use the software backup it to my pc.


73 Review by Scott C

A good program for a decent price that allows me a certain freedom to backup my videos. I am satisfied with this product.


74 Review by Danish D

They have been providing such a wonderful product in such a reasonable price . So far I am so happy. Thank you Winx dvd converter!


75 Review by Chris M

I've been using winx video converter for 1 year now. Honestly, it's so cheap and worth the price . It always comes in handy.


76 Review by Abdullah M

The only thing that I am concerned with is the price. At least for me; judging by the usage vs. value perspective. Great support and product nonetheless. I probably won't be renewing, however, I know where to look in the future as I am quite happy with the performance.


77 Review by Ian B

Best product that I have tried and at popular prices. Easy to use, software seems to be very well written I have had absolutely no problems.


78 Review by David W

I've found Winx dvd converter! to be very easy to set up & use, & have been very pleased with the speeds achieved as a result. The software is continuously being improved. I'm very happy to recommend the product.


79 Review by David B

Winx dvd converter is one of the most vauled and trusted product I use. Winx dvd converter gives me more choice to backup and manage all my videos.


80 review by Doug C

You have a good product with very good support (which I have used many times).

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